Thursday, February 21, 2008

It rained again!!!

As yesterdays entry stated NO RAIN (not yet) - well sure enough it rained from 4PM until this morning - nothing so far today though!!

This morning at breakfast we had the honour of sharing the pool deck with about 20 Squirrel Monkeys - many mothers with babies in tow on their back - so cute. I got some amazing pics!!

Today was hiking through Manual Antonio National Park - beautiful day for a hike. We were quite lucky today - saw 3 Tucans, a woodpecker and a 3 fingered sloth!!! Not bad for 3 hrs hiking.

Not much else on todays agenda - just "slothing" by the pool, with a few cervezas!!! Don't you hate us!!!???

We have one more full day then back to San Jose for a night on the town. Our flight Sunday leaves in the late afternoon so won't arrive home until around midnight.

If we get a chance to update again we will, otherwise we'll post some pics when we get home!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

NO RAIN !!!!!!!! (so far)

Well, here we are again at the Internet Cafe after a great lunch at Maligrano Cafe - great iced coffee and sandwiches. Andrew and Wesley are out on a party boat for the sunset cruise - Michael and I are relaxing.

This morning, up at 6 (again) but this time well rested. Michael did the laundry in the shower and it is almost dry because the SUN is shining today!!! And it's very HOT!!!! NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No plans today - just relaxing by the Infinity Pool and resting. Tomorrow we will probably go to the National Park and the 5 beaches for the day.

We are unable to load any pictures this year as I forgot the cable for the camera and none of the computers have a card port (old computers!) When we get home, we'll put some on for eveyone to see.

Hope all is well at home (is it as hot there as it is here!!???)

Adios for now!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Well, finally we found an internet cafe again - it's been a while!

When we last wrote we were in Puerto Viejo - honestly - my favourite place in CR so far - Monica - you would LOVE it (we already bought your salsa by the way - see I always think of you - even on holidays)!!

We went to the Sloth Sanctuary outside Cahuita on the Caribbean Coast - what an amazing place. After a sssllloowww canoe ride through an estruary, we finally got to see the sloths. Amazing animals - with very soft fur (we could touch the adult ones, not the babies though). This sanctuary was started when people dropped off injured sloths at this house - since then it has now grown to be quite large with a hospital and houses approx. 65 sloths. Their goal is reintroduction, however many are so injured they cannot be reintroduced. Babies cannot either as they must learn from their mothers but as they are hand reared they would die in the wild. We actually got to see 3 week old babies!!!! So cute - we took many pictures so will show when we get home. One reason for all the injuries is MAN - sloths climb the hydro lines and get electrocuted - hence some sloths required one arm to be amputated or destroyed.

The following day (more rain but not as much) we travelled 5 hours by public bus back to San Jose to catch a flight to Drake Bay - on the south coast of the Pacific side. We flew Nature Air - 19 seater - very good flight - no movie though!!! After landing in a field (and I mean field - surrounded by a fence to keep the cows and horses out), we took a truck to our resort (?) Pirate Cove. Nice place - not luxurius in the least!!!! Oh yeah - it rained again!!! After settling in, we were in bed by 8PM as we were going whale watching the next morning at 6AM.

The seas were rough that day (not that bad actually) but we did get to see many spotted dolphins, sea rays and a sea turtle swimming by (approx. 30 miles from shore). No whales though after almost 4 hrs at sea!! (it rained sporatically)

Back to shore (oh yeah - it rained a bit more!!) we had a swim in the ocean, showered, napped and then dinner. In bed by 8:45 to rise and shine for a Jungle hike at 6 through Corcovada National Park. Our guide Edwin was great!! Very knowledgeable - however the mammals, etc were not very cooporative - we did see some coatis and a few howler monkeys, but not much more. A scarlet macaw flew by and sat in a tree above us throwing almonds at us!! - but too far up to see clearly even with a telescope. It was a great day though - lots of fresh air and no rain!!!!!!!!!!! To the boat for a 30 min ride back to Pirate Cove - but on the way, we got to see our whale - a mother Humpback with her baby!!!! Amazing sight!!!!!!

Back to Pirate cove for a swim, shower, game of Cribbage and dinner and in bed by 9!!!! The next moring, we took a 1 hr boat ride to Sierpe, caught a taxi to Palmar Sur to catch our flight to Quepos. Again - the runway is a small paved patch in a field with a fence around it to keep the cows and horses out.

So now we are in Quepos - and guess what - it has rained twice since we arrived - did I mention it rained all last night in Drake Bay (Bahai Drake)!!!

We are now at Villa Roca - with air conditioning so maybe our clothes will finally dry. We've hooked up with our friends Andrew and Wesley and they seem to be having a relaxing time.

That's all for now folks - chat again soon before we head home!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hola from Puerto Viejo

Well- finally an internet!!!! It's been tricky trying to stay upto date this time. We are now in Puerto Vijeo on the south Caribbean Coast-very laid back and beautiful. Our hotel, Banana Azul, is a nice place right on the ocean! Black sand, warm seas, beautiful. Hot durng the day (not today though as it'sovercast) but cools off nicely at night- thank God as there is only a small fan in the room.

This morning Michael and I got up at 6:30 and went for a swim before 7. The tide was coming in so the waves were amazing!!! Breakfast, a little computer work(Michael fixed the computer at the hotel-free dinner tonight!!!) and off to town we went. A 25 minute walk along the beach and here we are.

Puerto Viejo is definately a "laid-back" town- very "reefer- ish" if you get my drift. If you don't have dreadlocks- you are truly a visitor!!!

We had a great lunch at Chile Rojo- Michael had Marlin and I had green curry!! Tomorrow we are off to a Sloth Sanctuary and then some sight seeing before headng back to San Jose on Saturday for our flight to the south Pacific side.

Now let's go back in time from when we arrived!!!

On Monday,we were picked up at 6:40am for a ride to the docks just outside of Siquerres, then a a 1.5hr boat ride to Mawamba Lodge in Tortuguero- a beautiful place nestled between the canal and the Caribbean Sea (no swimming in the ocean though because of the rip tides and sharks and barracudas!!!). We have learned one thing about the Caribbean Coast- unlike the rest of Costa Rica that has both a dry and wet season, Tortuguero has a rainy season and a rainer season!! We arrived during the rainy season- although when the sun came out- man was it hot and humid!!!!!

The resort was really nice and we had a great guide- Christian-he knew lots about everything in CR. While at Mawamba, we went on 2 boat tours in the canals and were lucky to have seen the rarely sighted Green Grand Macaw - less than 50 pair remain alive in CR- on the brink of extinction. Also spotted were 2 breeds of Toucans and many other birds. It was well worth the trip just for these sightings.

We met a great couple from Sweden ( Daniel and Kristina) who we spent all out time with. They were there in their honeymoon. We had a great time together and hope to stay in touch when we get home.

The trip fromTortuguero was interesting. A 1.5hr boat ride, followed by a bus trip to Siquerres where we a local bus for 1500 Colones ($4.00CAD) for 2 and then travelled to Limon. From here,we boarded another bus for a 1.5 hr ride to Puerto Viejo where we are now.

We are having a great time- and really do LOVE the Caribbean coast- rain and all!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

You know you have to change your plans when ....

it takes you 33 hours to travel what should have taken 7 hours!!!!

Here is our story - we arrived at Toronto airport at 6AM Saturday and arrived at Colours Resort in Costa Rica at 3PM Sunday (local time), 4PM your time. It seems that 10 snowflakes on the ground in Toronto can cause 3 hours of waiting on the runway - including time to refuel as we were running our of gas waiting!!!

We finally left 3 hrs later and arrived in San Salvador, El Salvador to change planes - we thought!!! However... due to our significant delay, we were advised that all flights to Costa Rica (CR) were full - so we would need to stay the night in El Salvador. Here is where the "Amazing Race" begins.

Quickly we run to the phones to change our reservations in San Jose (already paid for mind you..) Then, we need to figure out how will we get to Mawamba Lodge if they are picking us us at 6AM Sunday when we are still in San Salvador? Dilemma!!!! So - to the internet batman.... to find a regional flight - but alas, they only fly to our destination at 6AM - when we will STILL be in San Salvador. Finally, we get our "first night" in San Jose re-arranged - but what to do about Mawamba Lodge???

We are finally told by the TACA agent that we will be staying (for free) at the Sheraton Presidente in downtown San Salvador for the night - yippee - no sleeping in the airport!!

After an hours drive to the hotel - all is fine - great food and drink - nice beds and linens - time to rest and ready for day 2!!

Here we get picked up at 7AM and go to the airport for a flight to San Jose (you think) - however FIRST we must fly NORTH (for you geographically challenged, CR is south of El Salvador). So off to Guatemala we go!! (another "Amazing Race" moment as we are all RUNNING to the gate as the plane was leaving in 10 minutes!! Luckily the flight is only 40 minues long. We arrive and pray our luggage comes off the plane to go to the next plane, scheduled to leave in 3 hrs for CR.

Lunch in the airport and chatting with new friends from TO, we finally board for our flight to CR - 1.25 hrs. but only after wathing everyone pull out their binoculars to see if their luggage was being placed on the plane (Michael included) - quite a sight!!

We land in CR, get our luggage, after a brief panic attack as it as nowhere to be found (we did find it) and then a taxi to Colours resort - where we are now!!

So, we lost one night at Mawamba Lodge have to pay extra for our night in Colurs, but the will get picked up on Monday at 6:40AM for Mawamba and all should be back on track - cross your fingers!!!

Stay tuned..............

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Our Itinerary

Well, it won't be long now. Come February 9th we're off to Costa Rica for another amazing adventure. Here is our itinerary so you can follow along. Click on the links to see where we'll be staying and some of the activities we'll be doing.

February 9, 2008:
Our flight on Taca - leaves Toronto at 8:30AM . We have a short stop over in San Salvator, El Salvator where we switch planes for San Jose, Costa Rica. We should be arriving at 2:45PM.

We'll spend our first night at Colours Oasis just outside of downtown San Jose.

February 10, 2008:
Today we get picked up for a bus and boat ride to the north Caribbean Coast, staying at Mawamba Lodge for three nights

February 13, 2008:
Today, we are off to Banana Azul on the south Caribbean Coast for three nights This should be an adventure as we embark on local transit.

February 16, 2008:
An early start as we need to travel to Limon then to San Jose, all on local buses. Hopefully we'll make it in time to catch our flight to Drake Bay on the south Pacific Coast. Our flight on Nature Air departs at 3:00PM - so we should be ok!! Here we stay at Pirate Cove for 3 nights where we'll be hiking in the jungle and spending a day at sea on a Whale and Dolphin Research vessel.

February 19, 2008:
After three nights of hiking and relaxing in the south Pacific Coast, it's time for our last major destination - Hotel Villa Roca in Quepos We stayed here last year as well and had a very relaxing time. This year, we are meeting our friends Andrew and Wesley who flew down on the 16th.

February 23, 2008:
Back to San Jose, via Sansa Air One final night in San Jose then back home to the cold.

Our trip this year is shaping up to be even more exciting than last. I hope you'll follow up as we venture on and update our journey!!!